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Snippets of Truth, Understanding, and Wisdom, for a New Way of Living on This Planet: An Urgent Message from Spirit for Mankind

Snippets of Truth, Understanding, and Wisdom, for a New Way of Living on This Planet: An Urgent Message from Spirit for Mankind

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Snippets of Truth, Understanding, and Wisdom, for a New Way of Living on This Planet: An Urgent Message from Spirit for Mankind

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Nov 27, 2012


A new way of living

Do we need to change our way of living on this planet?

According to this book, a definite Yes! Our attitudes, priorities, and the way we have looked after the environment have resulted in a situation that is no longer sustainable for a healthy and harmonious future for us and for generations to come. We have seen increased pollution of the air and water; diminishing forests, ice caps, and ozone layers; warming of the planet, resulting in weather and climate changes, and with that danger of extinction for many bird and animal species. And lets not forget: danger for the survival of us human beings!

Can we still do something about it, or is it all too little and too late? What is our fate? The message in this book can be considered a wake-up call, an urgent reminder to mend our ways, to change our attitudes, and to have a critical look at what is happening around us; what our roles are and what we as individuals and members of groups and communities can do to bring about change.

We are not alone in this endeavourthe messages giving us support and encouragement are coming from a spirit source, channeled by the author through automatic writing. The special readings deal with topics such as: where we come from, what our purpose is, predictions and climate changes, together with information on relationships and finding inner peace and spiritual growth.

Let us all strive for a happy and rewarding outcome!

Nov 27, 2012

Über den Autor

Riet Taal was born in the Netherlands. Her background is in education. Riet is the author of the book, Ready for School … or Not! While teaching at tertiary institutes, she also obtained her master’s and doctorate in education. However, Riet was drawn more and more to the spiritual aspects of life and practised yoga and meditation for many years. She developed her skill in automatic writing, resulting in this book. Riet lives in Australia and has two children and two grandchildren.

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Snippets of Truth, Understanding, and Wisdom, for a New Way of Living on This Planet - Riet Taal (EdD)

Copyright © 2012 Riet Taal

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping or by any information storage retrieval system without the written permission of the publisher except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

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Because of the dynamic nature of the Internet, any web addresses or links contained in this book may have changed since publication and may no longer be valid. The views expressed in this work are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher, and the publisher hereby disclaims any responsibility for them.

The author of this book does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the author and the publisher assume no responsibility for your actions.

Balboa Press rev. date: 11/13/2012


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This book is dedicated to my grandchildren Patrick and Mairead and to my possible future grandchildren and other’s grandchildren—all of whom will inherit the earth.

May we look after this planet and leave it for them to enjoy!

With love, Oma / Riet


T his book came into being through the information that was ‘dictated’ to me when in a meditative state over the last twenty years or so. You may ask the question: ‘Why so long?’ The honest answer is, that I didn’t trust myself, or perhaps better explained, that I doubted myself to be considered a channel good enough to have this information fed through me.

What if it was all just a big delusion? What if it was just my ego that wanted some recognition? What if the ‘source’ was dubious and just played tricks on me? What if people considered me to be another vulnerable New Age crackpot?

However, I had not counted on ‘their’ patience with me, their understanding of my doubts and their never-ending love and persistence to see this information in some kind of print form to have it passed on to others.

There often were long gaps in between dictations; sometimes it was because of circumstances or for personal reasons such as going through divorce, moving house or completing my doctoral thesis.

However, each time when I allowed myself to be still and spend some time in quiet meditation, I knew ‘they’ were there. How? I felt it in my right hand—at first it started with a slight twitch, then it progressed to a kind of ‘rolling’ of the hand backwards and forwards as if they were trying out how to operate my hand. I knew intuitively what this meant—someone was trying to make ‘contact’ with me. I was familiar with the term ‘automatic writing’ as a means of spirit entities (or those on the ‘other side’) trying to communicate with us.

I believe that when we die, we don’t just ‘disappear’, but live on in another dimension. We are eternal beings and even though our physical bodies have died, our spirit or soul lives on. Wherever we are, on this earth plane in this physical body or in the hereafter in our spirit body, we continue to evolve and grow spiritually. We also keep on learning when we are in the spirit world and if we choose to do so, we can be of service to mankind by helping and guiding those who are open to learning.

There are of course different ways of communicating with the spirit world; automatic writing is only one of the means. Spirit can try to give us a message in our dreams, our intuition often helps us to get new ideas or spirit entities work through ‘sensitive’ persons, known as psychics or mediums, who pick up information through clairaudient, clairvoyant or clairsentient ways. Some mediums claim to have this gift of spirit contact from a very early age, others may develop this through regular meditative practices or sitting in ‘development circles’.

Whatever the path to developing these ‘gifts’, it usually involves stilling of the mind and a ‘going within’ to seek attunement with spirit, together with a commitment to be of service to others. In this way a spirit guide or teacher may want to ‘work’ with you and form a kind of partnership. What it also takes is time, patience, trust, discernment and perseverance and never to treat it as a party game.

I have made meditation a part of my daily routine and I committed myself to the notion that I would like to make myself available in whatever way spirit could use me, provided I was protected. The next time I had pen and paper ready ‘just in case’.

The results have been fascinating—the pen easily scribbled over the paper. I first heard the words in my mind and then it was written down. As soon as a sentence or phrase was completed on paper the next sentence was formed in my mind. The whole process was very fast and didn’t take any effort on my part. I felt there was no need to make corrections or reformulate words or sentences. As long as I stayed ‘with it’ and maintained that relaxed state, it flowed easily.

What also astounded me was the fact that, even after a substantive break, the thread was taken up again as if there had been no interval in time at all. The main message was always the same—the urgency to get it through to the people. At times there were some personal messages for me, mainly to help me over a difficult period or to reassure me of their authenticity and serious intentions to help mankind.

All messages commenced with a ‘Greeting from Spirit’ and finished with ‘Blessings’ or ‘God bless’. For me this was quite reassuring as I always asked for the highest truth and information from the highest source to be used for the highest good of all. I always asked for protection and love and light to be send to me before I started meditating, as I was aware that there are also negative and deceptive forces at work.

So who were ‘they’? And how did a message look like? (All spirit messages are in italics.) I will give an example of one of the messages received on 5/1/ 1995:

Greetings for the New Year from all of us in spirit.

It has been some time that we used this channel to send some messages to you, but the vibrations are more conducive to true channeling now. The channel herself has gained in knowledge and ‘skills’ of receiving our input. There is still a matter of trust to be established—that will come in time. First and foremost is the willingness and commitment to be used as a channel. It takes some adjustments and an open mind, without being too trustworthy.

A quiet moment set aside each day will aid in the development. The purpose of this writing is tosomedayput it all together in book form and pass on the ‘snippets’ of truth, understanding and wisdom to others. The need will be there to share the wisdom.

We are a ‘collective force’, but all with the same purpose in mind—to serve mankind, to alleviate suffering and to aid in the individual’s development. I am only the spokesperson for the group, because of my long association with this channel.

May our love and understanding be with you to support you in your daily life.

Blessings, Alfonsus

This was how it was communicated to me—a collective force with apparently one spokesperson taking the lead role. That didn’t mean he considered himself the most important person, but he may have been associated with me throughout my life, or for this particular ‘project’. The name sounded like Alfonsus and indeed this guide seemed to have been with me right from the time I started writing.

I have often read that behind spirit teachings and

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