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A Second Chance at Love

A Second Chance at Love

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A Second Chance at Love

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Jul 18, 2012


A Second Chance At Love is a prosaic journey through the early stages of a forbidden romance; a story of two old souls still young at heart. The poems and stories in this collection begin with the modest feelings of an initial encounter and gradually convey the deeper love that lies between the two as their budding relationship begins to blossom despite the shroud of secrecy, the physical distance between them, and the pressures of the modern world, proving that true love will always find its way back to the heart of every born romantic.
Jul 18, 2012

Über den Autor

Originally hailing from London Ontario Canada, Matt Demo studied English literature and journalism at the University of British Columbia. Inspired by the majestic Canadian wilderness and the west coast lifestyle, he settled in Vancouver where he flourished as a freelance writer and poet. A romantic at heart he rapidly compiled a large collection of poetry inspired by both personal and observed quixotic situations.


A Second Chance at Love - Matthias Demo


© 2012 by Matthias Demo. All rights reserved.

Cover photo and design by Sherriden Vade Photography.

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Published by AuthorHouse 06/05/2012

ISBN: 978-1-4772-1205-9 (sc)

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Volume 1

A Brief Introduction

On This Wakeful Night


On A Starry Night

On A Cold And Lonely Night

Love Knows No Fear

Tonight… With Empty Arms


Moonlit Memories

If I Only Knew

Shadows In The Night

The Sun In My Sky

Missing You

As One

How Can I…

The Beautiful Gift

A Second Chance At Love

Dedicated To You

This Amorous Dream

Our Secret Love

Sunday Sunset

Celestial Signs

Where I Live Now

This Sweet Dream

With Every Breath (You Fill Me)

Volume 2

An Introduction To Volume 2

Eight Little Letters (Forever In My Mind)

Right Where I Belong

Our Beautiful Secret

When Time Stands Still

Tonight, And Every Night

Basking In Your Light

Our Warm Embrace

Bound Together

(Close Your Eyes)

A Beautiful Portrait

You Quiet My Mind

In Any Language

Falling (In Love)

Do I Dare?

Heart And Soul

Always And Forever

These Nights Of Solitude

In This World (Only You And Me)

This Gift (In My Soul)

These Nights Without My Love

It Is You

This Moment Of Perfection

In Your Eyes


Our Time Together

Music Of The Heart

Volume 3

An Introduction To Volume 3

April 4th

When I Hold You In My Arms

Through My Eyes




On This Day

As You Lay Sleeping

The Promise

This Waking Dream

Secret Thoughts

The Why Of It

When Tomorrow Comes

When We Are Together

My Lovely Lady

A New Sunrise

Our Pleasurable Paradise

Near Or Far (Always With You)

I Dare Not Wake

When Love Doesn’t Seem Like Enough

To My


S____ With

Great Love



Volume 1

A Brief Introduction

The poems and stories in this collection reflect a time in my life when I had finally come out of my cocoon and was ready to feel real love again. Every word in these trifles of my mind are dedicated to the most beautiful woman that I have ever known; my lovely S____. I have spent many years looking for the one woman that would compliment me in every way and would also fit the mould of my favourite words ever spoken in Shakespearean verse; But till all graces be in one woman, one woman shall not come in my grace (Much Ado About Nothing Act 2 Scene 3), and in my S____ I have finally found her. These poems represent a new beginning, a new story for me.

If only I could tell you

If only I could say

If only I could reach out and hold you

And let you know I feel this way.

If only my eyes could gaze into yours

If only for a moment we could speak

If only we could meet outside of our lives

Dancing through discovery, cheek to cheek.

If only fanciful thoughts bore reality

If only for a brief and shining moment

If only your hand were interlocked with mine

I would show you the wonders of my heart.

On This Wakeful Night

Oh bitter moon… how can you so brightly shine

Through my window this eve,

For I am at a loss for words, ensnared by a thought,

A lingering decision, a trap in which I’m caught and can’t escape,

So heavy my heart, longing an embrace where the

Nape of her neck may be a perch for which to lay my clumsy thoughts.

I see you in my sky, your smile cascading

Through my window, lighting my night from the dark and dreary,

From the mysterious depths of my cluttered and bereft

Nearly dormant heart, like a beacon through the fog,

An errant arrow from the bow of Eros,

Landing its mark so my mind may find ease.

Oh bitter moon… now that you so brightly shine

Through my window and into my heart, help me to pen,

To live, to love through these arts of words and whims,

Help me to softly sing this melody that she has subtly placed within me,

Her infectious smile, her long black hair,

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