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Vampires dont fear the sun. They walk amongst us, feeding, and we have no clue. The only evidences of their existence are the decimated bones of their prey. They thirst for blood but also for wealth and power, which is why, when two rival criminals in Atlanta seek the upper hand, one of them hires a member of the undead.

Silo is a young criminal organization, hoping to overthrow the powerful Mr. C, a man of rumors, backed by carnage. The struggle between the two violent units is slow to start until Mr. C brings in vampire backup. His new employee is proficient at first but things turn nasty when Silo kills Norine, the woman the bloodsucker loves.

Now, Mr. C must come to terms with a bloodthirsty new hire even he cant control. Norine was the only thing keeping the vampire in check; with her gone, his bloodlust is unrestrained. Hes liable to turn on anyone, even his boss. The rampage has begun. It just goes to show: try to tame a monster, and youre bound to get bit.

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