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A Life of Purpose: The Guide to Living Your Higher Self


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A Life of Purpose: The Guide to Living Your Higher Self

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Taking a journey into our real Self is a challenging task. Uncovering our life Purpose is a perplexing puzzle. And applying these insights to our daily life is next to impossible . . .

A LIFE OF PURPOSE, The Guide to Living Your Higher Self unravels these life mysteries and puts you back in control, where you can make your life happen instead of letting it just happen to you. This is the Wake-Up Call that will inspire you to create the fulfilling life that you deserve. Using a practical approach, you will move past the fears and indecisions that are holding you back. You will now discover how to:

Uncover your passion,
Create a highly valued life,
Overcome self-doubt and mental blockages,
Bring order and sanity to your daily problems,
Instill a simple and balanced approach to life, and . . .
Enjoy a life of no regrets and one that truly made a difference.

A LIFE OF PURPOSE is the ultimate guidebook to your Higher Self. You will know who you are, where you are going and how you will get there . . . and you will wonder why you didnt make this happen sooner . . . BUT YOU CAN NOW!
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