Building the Body of Christ


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Building the Body of Christ

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In a world with ever-increasing access to knowledge, we can still fall short of understanding the basics. If we lack the ability to create lasting relationships or to leave some things in our past, we can find ourselves struggling to live lives of satisfaction. If we arent content within ourselves, how can we fully contribute to anyone else? The question we must ask ourselves is, Whats holding us back? The answers are found not in ourselves, but in our Creator.

In Building the Body of Christ, author LaDell Farrar shows us how to take charge of our lifes most common components. You can learn to create relationships that will encourage meaningful and unbreakable love. Farrar helps you understand how communication and prayer can give you the power to heal your mind of past hurts and failures, allowing you to seek your lifes purpose. Through Farrars biblically based lessons, you may gain a greater understanding and appreciation of how Christs death was meant to bring all of these topics together to gain peace through understanding and acceptance.

Relationships are about connecting, associating, and being involved with others. Building the Body of Christ seeks to help you develop the characteristics necessary for an effective and successful relationship and a better life.

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