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A Big Decision

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Jake, a smart, very responsible fifth grader, was surrounded by a houseful of adoring pets. Taking meticulous care of them was his favorite hobby. The pets included an affectionate golden retriever; an energetic hamster; a sly cat; an opinionated parakeet; three nosy goldfish; a mischievous rabbit; and two sleepy turtles.

Jake was understanding, gentle, and encouraging. His special attention kept each pet healthy and strong. Each pet knew that it wouldnt be forgotten or ignored.

Jake couldnt wait to become ten years old. Why? Because he passionately wanted to attend an outstanding summer camp in Arizona that required each camper to be at least ten years of age.

Jake and his best friend, Drew, had long planned to attend the camp together for the month of June. The camp offered a wide variety of hands-on experiences from milking cows, helping with the birthing of baby animals, feeding animals, collecting eggs, picking fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as building a bird sanctuary and riding horses. This exciting summer camp experience would greatly enrich Jakes knowledge and skills.

Because of Jakes exceptional devotion to his pets, several close friends independently approached him asking if he would take care of their pets in June while they traveled with their families.

Jake was deeply committed to going to camp. Now, he had to make the big decision. Would he give up his summer plans to stay home and look after his friends pets? Would he choose to help others instead of pursuing his own pleasure?

Jake makes his decision. Read how Jakes generosity and kindness were rewarded.

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