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The Power of Spiritual Gifting: A Journey of the Soul


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The Power of Spiritual Gifting: A Journey of the Soul

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A world traveler and truth seeker, Sonia Easley finds solid ground in the present moment of being. Through her own inner journey of discovery, she strives to help others. Her life inspiration is her wordimpeccable and heartfeltwhich she shares in this book of organic vibrations, The Power of Spiritual Gifting.

Woven from the trinity of thinking, feeling, and acting, this book reintroduces the Beings you met in Easleys most recent book, Heart-Oriented Thinking: Ruby Heart Woman, Noble Nerve Man, and Rolling Thunder Being. As fantastical, metamorphic beings, they further stimulate your imagination in The Power of Spiritual Gifting.

The lessons youll glean reflect the benefits of a spiritual process that has no beginning or enda process that elevates your Soul and lets you gain insight into spiritual deeds relating to your own needs. Its circular flow of precepts, concepts, and thought-provoking ideas invite your contemplation. You may even find its mesmerizing rhythm leads you to an elevated awareness.

Self-discovery and spiritual attainment have always been important to Easley. Accessing her skills in human anatomy and physiology, she has taught self-development and mastery in nursing and metaphysics for more than 35 years. She earned her B.S. and M.A. degrees in science and education and taught at the University of New Mexico and the University of Hawaii. This student of the transcending presence of body, Soul, and Spirit currently lives and writes in Prescott, Arizona.

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