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We Are in This Together: Reflections on the Dramas of Life


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We Are in This Together: Reflections on the Dramas of Life

Länge: 107 Seiten51 Minuten


We are born, and we die. In between, during our allotted brief time on this planet, we strive to make sense of our world, seeking answers to universal questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning and purpose of life? As we ponder the answers, we yearn for love, for friendship, and to be happy. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER is a collection of eight beautifully articulated vignettes in which the author shares personal experiences from his own lifes journey.

From the sadness of his fathers passing to the discovery of a lifelong friend while hitchhiking, he captures the emotions that bring such singular, meaningful experiences to life. Through his eyes, we learn of the three gifts a mother bestows to her children, to be found under the tree each Christmas; of the parental concern he and his wife experience during their Army sons tour of duty in Iraq; and of the memories created with siblings during an adventure home to Wisconsin with his daughter. Also through his eyes, we experience once again the unforgettable unfolding of the attack, and aftermath, of 9/11; we take an insightful look at the Preamble to our Constitution, with an objective observation that should deeply concern every American; and lastly, we journey back in time to experience a meeting of the author with his younger self, and we learn of the message he takes back with him to share with that person.

In this collection, the author has created loving and enduring tributes to the dearest people and most significant events of his life; tributes to which we can also relate, that touch the heart and speak to the soul.

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