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The Drummer


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The Drummer

Länge: 265 Seiten3 Stunden


In the city of Villa Park, California, retired businessman Fred Dupree lies dead in his home. His son Forrest, the drummer of an up-and-coming band, Purple Cinnamon, has both opportunity and motive working against himhis father was worth well over six million dollars.
Enter Homicide Detective Christie Cloud, who upon investigation of the tampered crime scene begins to suspect that her colleagues belief in Forrests guilt might be premature.
Following the vicious homicides of three more seniors, Cloud pursues leads across the Pacific Northwest, pitting her against a ruthless L.A. gang member.
The first clue is discovered inside the files of a retired Southern California insurance salesman.
The members of Forrests rock band are determined to prove that he is innocent, and end up in the middle of the Seattle strip club scene.
Detective Cloud is introduced to the world of ecstasy distribution and the dark side of the billion-dollar insurance business and comes to learn how far those involved will go to protect their investments.
The Drummer will challenge readers as they are thrust into a world of crime scene forensics, bizarre sex, and rock n roll.
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