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Our Government Is Broke: It Threatens Our Freedom


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Our Government Is Broke: It Threatens Our Freedom

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Economists, business executives, and small business owners continue to warn Washington about the dangers of runaway deficit spending. If it continues, it could cost Americans their freedom.

The national debt is well over $16.5 trillion and growing, and it seems that its only a matter of time before the United States slips into a deep recession or depression. Additionally, the Social Security program may soon go bankrupt, stock markets could crash and wipe out retirement accounts, and inflation may drive up the cost of goods and services.

Steve Hess, a longtime executive and taxpayer, outlines the countrys problems in plain English. His ultimate goal is to get people to act so that future generations dont have to carry the burden of repaying governmental debt and rebuilding the nation.

Taxpayers must act to fix things, and they must encourage their friends and neighbors to get involvedbefore its too late.

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