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Feelgoodgrammar: How to Make Sentences in Business English: Como Escribir Frases En Un Ingles Comercial????????:???

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Why another book on grammar? You probably have been learning quite a lot of grammar, but you are still not clear about how to make a sentence. Why? Is there anything wrong with your approach to learning? If we offer you a funny way, a non-traditional method, a new perspective on thinking about grammar, will you try it?

The aim of this book is to introduce a new perspective on learning grammar, especially for Business English. We start and end with sentences, the most important part in writing, and sometimes speaking. Unlike traditional grammar books that discuss nouns, verbs, adjectives, we go straight to sentences as we believe at the end of the day what you want are actually sentences.

How? This book has two features:

It focuses on how to. Most grammar books helps you understand grammar terms, but, we show you how to put them into practice, how to make sentences (written and spoken).

This book also talks about grammar in an easy, funny way. Youll learn sentence structures by solving a problem between two women who have to share a husband; youll get the differences between the past simple and the present perfect simple by reading a love story; and there are also funny names such as Lonely, Friendly, Slim, and Fat Verbs for you to learn.

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