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Angelique and the Green Planet

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Lucidus, King of Light asks a star being named Angelique to help teach the inhabitants of the green planet, a planet in a galaxy far away from her sky, to be at peace. When Lucidus speaks, Angelique watches in awe as each exhale gives birth to a new star. Angelique promises to help this beautiful being but is unsure how she will accomplish such a mission. When she arrives at the green planet she meets with some of its inhabitants; the birds, the trees, the waters, the flowers and a boy who dances like the sun. They all lead her in the direction of the humans, those who have destroyed peace on the planet. After Angelique attempts to greet the humans she is dismayed as they are the only beings that are unable to see her or hear her. How can she help the humans if they do not know she exists? Will she be able to keep her promise to Lucidus? Doubtful and afraid, Angelique retreats to a beautiful forest where she falls asleep and is given an inspired message in a dream. Does the message encourage Angelique to complete her mission to help the humans create peace on the green planet?

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