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By popular demand, The Bruce Gavin trilogy is now a series. This fourth book is set in 2028.

Jeb Bramble followed Bruce Gavin as President and he has just completed his two terms as President. The country has enjoyed 8 years without a foreign war and has no appetite for foreign involvement. The Iran and Israel conflict has escalated once again; this time to the ultimate crisis. Will the United States be willing to come to Israels aid?

The Republican Party is desperately seeking someone to follow Jeb against a formidable Democratic candidate with a family pedigree in US politics. Partisan politics is still the rule of the day. Can the Republicans find a leader that can garner support from both sides of the aisle?

The country and the world are being forced to finally deal with the Autism epidemic. The rate of Autism is now one in every 50 births. The economic and societal impact is tremendous and being felt worldwide.

Can a cure be found and at what cost?

The journey continues and some of your favorite characters still have a role to play. Shalom to you!
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