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Revisiting the Constitution: Conversations with the Authors


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Revisiting the Constitution: Conversations with the Authors

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The founding fathers offer their views on gun control, government and religion, immigration, legalization of narcotics, taxes, redistribution of wealth, term limits, judicial fiat, supreme court rulings and a host of other topics that concern todays citizenry.

More than 224 years have passed since the forefathers of our great nation framed an enduring and supreme law, the United States Constitution. Revisiting the Constitution is nothing short of a passport through time, providing a historically accurate and unique perspective of the magnificent discourse which surrounded the creation of this time-honored doctrine. Any American citizen seeking a deeper understanding of the nations moral, legal, and governmental underpinnings can learn from such an outstanding text. Moreover, the words and enlightenment within come directly from authors such as Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, and Hamilton. Revisiting the Constitution should be everywhere, from eighth-grade civics classrooms to constitutional law libraries.
Dr. Ed Massey, president of Indian River State College, Florida

Revisiting the Constitution should be mandatory reading in high school and college and recommended reading in every American household. Elizabeth Renzullis masterpiece is an important work for everyone who loves and respects the United States of America.
Ken Pruitt, Florida Senate president 20062008.

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