Welcome to My Mind


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Welcome to My Mind

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This is the perfect book for an intellectually bored individual. In it, the author shares a serendipitous collection of his thoughts on a wide variety of conventional and unconventional topics.
Professor Eisenberg has spent the past six decades challenging his students to think outside the proverbial box.
Whenever he would ask them a question, and they answered, I dont know, he would say,I know that you dont know, but what do you think? Using this Socratic Method opened their minds and encouraged them to take risks.
Convinced that a good question outweighs a hundred trite answers, the author has included a section of the book in which he asks himself a question and then proceeds to answer it. His favorite question is, What one word best describes your life? His answer was, Creative.
The reader should come away from this book with a deeper understanding of why he chose the title, Welcome to my mind. He enthusiastically agrees with the following quotation.

Whatever we possess becomes double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others.
Jean-Nicholas Bouilly (1763-1842)
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