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Sweetheart Braves: Crooked Rock, #3


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Sweetheart Braves: Crooked Rock, #3

Länge: 308 Seiten4 Stunden


Tommy Weaver wants to stay sober and that means steering clear of challenging situations, avoiding difficult people, and staying away from personal relationships. Unfortunately, he has a cousin unsuccessfully rehabbing in his spare room while Crooked Rock demands more than he can give, and in the midst of his growing troubles, the irresistible Elizabeth appears.

Elizabeth Lewis couldn't wait to finish college and get back to the security of her home and family on the reservation. But when her granny, a well-known Indian activist, seeks to right a family wrong, Elizabeth finds herself back in the city and seeking assistance from Crooked Rock. She convinces Tommy to join her and as her mission grows more complicated, he never leaves her side.

Neither of them expected to fall this hard, so what happens when it's time for Elizabeth to go back home?

This is Book 3 in the Crooked Rock Urban Indian Center series

Not a standalone. Readers will enjoy this book more if they read at least one earlier book in the series. 

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