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Healthy and Halal Choice


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Healthy and Halal Choice

Länge: 259 Seiten1 Stunde


Healthy and Halal Choice introduces readers to a simple, consistent lifestyle that advocates the middle ground. It delves into the branches of food and hygiene in a holistic approach. It introduces the small steps one can take to living happy, healthy, and halal. Taking the essentials of life and making it a daily practice. In this book readers will delve into the world of healthy choice in terms of food, drink, exercise, and pampering oneself. It also encourages people to love themselves and become closer to their loved ones eat together as a family, engage in fun family activity, pray to Almighty as a family. Living a balanced life and showing others how to live a balanced, consistent and disciplined lifestyle is what this book is all about.

This book provides readers with improvements and small adjustments to their daily lifestyle and finds something that they enjoy. In a balance d fashion, it focuses on their spiritual development as to their physical and intellectual development. It shows a lifestyle that may be different, but easily achievable.

Healthy and Halal Choice is not also about losing weight or dieting. Its more about battling binary categories such as overweight and underweight versus the healthy weight, or happiness versus sadness, or relaxation versus stress. It is about investing in health and feeling good. Given this awareness, readers are provided with a suggested track to avoid negative lifestyle choices and make the transition into happy, healthy eating. Ali hopes that those of other faiths will also try her healthy and halal choice in food and for them to know the joy of following the footsteps of her beloved Prophet (PBUH) who is the leader of happiness and the adviser to success.
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