The Final Destination of the Human Soul


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The Final Destination of the Human Soul

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There are many beliefs and theories about the human soul and many great thinkers have sought to understand this aspect of the human personality. All the major theories and beliefs about the human soul are of the view that the human soul is immortal, that is the soul lives forever. If the human soul is immortal, where does it go after death?

In this book, the author discusses the final destination of the human soul and the means by which people can be saved and be sure of where their soul will depart to after death to rest peacefully. It is appointed unto man to die once and after that to face judgment. He recommends this book to everyone, singles, marriage couples, non Christians, church goers, people of other faith, older people and the youth.

The human personality is made up of body, spirit and soul. The body needs food, water, exercise, emotional satisfaction, but what about the soul and the spirit? It is no good we ignore addressing these issues or to simply dismiss them as myth or nonsense; because eternity is part of the human personality. We need to know where exactly our soul will depart to after death.
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