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Black Rose-The Final Thirteen: the Ultimate Twist


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Black Rose-The Final Thirteen: the Ultimate Twist

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Red rose, Blue rose, mines I give you black,
I give to the world what you cant give me back.
I am positive; I walk this road a dead man.
My footprints lie silently behind me, but thus they follow.
I kiss you slowly as I dig your grave. Mercy, no mercy, no man can save.
lies deceit, betrayal all because I loved
I loved a woman who his behind a mask of unclaimed sickness
when she knew it was her fault. Her life, your life is now at a half.
I marked a vendetta, mark vengeance to their soul; I die, we die,
I refuse to die alone. Venom, disaster, evil pierced through my
vein as I sweetly embed my rose as ashes to your grave. A gift for
you my dearly beloved, a kiss for you and every minute youll
love it. 1 rose, 2 rose 3, 4 and give enjoy every moment because
youre truly living to die. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 if you thought I loved
you, think, think again. 11, 12, at last 13 Welcome to the
13th black rose find out what it means.
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