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Captured by His Holy Calling


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Captured by His Holy Calling

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This book speaks of the divine destiny God has preordained concerning our individual lives. As you read this book you will begin to see that our lives are not a life of whatever will be will be, but that God does have a specific purpose for everyone.

There is something profound that happens when one is truly apprehended by the Holy Calling of God. In this book Gary shares his experience with the captivating power of God that causes a person to leave everything that is familiar, comfortable and secure to pursue the plans and purposes of God.

In pursuing God's divine destiny for our lives there will be challenges, temptations, discouragements and adversity to face. Fulfilling God's purposes requires a bulldog tenacity, and whether or not we reach that end is dependent on our level of commitment and the choices we make.

As you read this book, may it be an encouragement and inspiration to you in pursuing the course God has set before you
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