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America Votes!: Challenges to Modern Election Law and Voting Rights


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America Votes!: Challenges to Modern Election Law and Voting Rights

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This book brings together accomplished practitioners and academic experts from the left, right and middle of the political spectrum in a way that promotes maximum balance in a detailed discourse on a highly volatile subject. It is unique in the way it unpacks the complex issues surrounding election law and voting rights that are at the epicenter of an informed public’s chief concerns during the 2016 Presidential election year. This book provides a generous, diverse and critically important glimpse into the different perspectives of multifaceted issues surrounding voter suppression, voter fraud, voter ID, election recounts and challenges. It brings a fresh perspective to the very meaning of “right to vote” in the context of immigration and state efforts to limit the electoral franchise. The contributors include a multi-partisan array of seasoned election law practitioners blended with observation and analysis by dispassionate academic experts who have closely observed the electoral process.

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