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Topaz' Trap


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Topaz' Trap

Länge: 204 Seiten2 Stunden


Brutally murdered in an Orlando townhouse, Topaz Bonnefille was a cipher, a zero, a beautiful woman in her late thirties with no past and suddenly, no future. There are no leads and the case is languishing. A compassionate, elderly neighbor, a woman of means who was her only friend, hires Private Investigator Joe Garrett to find and notify Topaz Bonnefille’s family... if she has one. Joe enlists the help of his associate and lover, body language expert Julie O’Hara. They find an old family Bible that leads to New Orleans... and an outcome nobody expected...

“Lee Hanson has delivered another gem, magically transporting the reader from the vibrant streets of Orlando to the dark and mysterious cemeteries of New Orleans. My favorite Julie and Joe adventure to date. Keep them coming Lee Hanson!”
– Tina Ruddy
“Blown away! I have read all of Lee Hanson’s books and this is by far her best yet. You will be completely blown away by the end of this story. I hope this author never stops writing these murder mysteries...”
– Corky Nichols

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