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Jack and Tommy

163 pages2 hours


In this fifth book of THE JACK series, PI Charlie Hampton and sidekick, Willy Chan, are off to Colombia in search of Tommy, Jack’s grandson, a millennial who knows everything and nothing. Tommy has disappeared again but that’s not the only problem. Crooked Jack and entourage land in Mocoa wanting to help out but only get in the way. Tommy’s dad, the infamous Triad drug lord, Richard Chang, also arrives with his own deadly enemies not far behind.

All your old favorites are back, including mob boss, Tony Chan, who controls the high roller rooms in Macau casinos; Reynolds ‘the wrap’ Woo who hasn’t forgotten that Richard killed his brother; Richard’s goon, Shorty Poo, is learning English and giving Charlie back some guff; Tina, the girl next door who previously took a bullet meant for Charlie, must face a family tragedy. Marco Midolo, the shoddy Vancouver lawyer, makes an appearance and, of course, fair Jillian, whose humanitarian efforts cost her dearly this time around. It’s not all fun and games but with Charlie and Willy involved there will always be espionage and serious guns.

Meant for lovers of the old-fashioned detective novel.

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