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The Edge of the Blade


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The Edge of the Blade

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Love and revenge will drive him across the sea in this epic historical adventure of The Crusader KnightsThe Falkan castle of Tremellion is visited by the mysterious Lord Vaulmier, Treasurer of the Crusade, and his beautiful daughter Christiane de Magnat-Vaulmier. Seeking finance for the Third Crusade against Saladin, they negotiate with Sir Geoffrey Falkan and inveigle all the Falkan fortune, to the fury of Sir Geoffrey’s older son, Ranulf, who will be driven to the most terrible of crimes…

Baynard Falkan, younger son and valiant knight errant, sets out on a quest to find Christiane, who has stolen his heart, and to avenge the bloody killing of his father. But to find justice, he must survive bandits and pirates, and travel to the bloody siege of Jerusalem.
The Edge of the Blade, the sixth epic historical adventure in The Crusader Knights Cycle, is perfect for fans of David Gilman and Bernard Cornwell.
‘The story is exciting as well as psychologically convincing and thought-provoking’ Financial Times
‘History with a dramatist’s eye for a fine setting and a novelist’s insight into human minds and motives’ Times Literary Supplement
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