Conceptual Learning Method Book 4: The State of Action


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Conceptual Learning Method Book 4: The State of Action

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From it's dedication to it's end, CLM 4 is a declaration like few have made in the martial art world.
The long awaited fourth installment in the CLM series, The State of Action asks, then answers, the most important question of martial art: 'why?'
Taking challenging topics, such as existence, time, survival, and pedagogy, CLM 4 looks into the question of 'why martial art', and answers it.

Topics include:

Martial Sophistry and changing how we look at martial art teachers
The toughest question a martial artist can ask: ‘Why?’
Levels of Survival (The LoS): what you truly fight and train for
A New Concept of Martial Art
The Pyramid of Action and how to Organize Your Training
The Concept of 'Time' in Fighting
The Concept of OODA, it's applicability, and using it it in training
Feedback Loops, Panic, and how to stop both
Managing time in the fight
The 'here' and 'there' of combat
'There', being, and existence
A Foundation for answering 'Why?'
The 4 Confidences, their element, and their enemies
Gaining the 4 Confidences in your martial art study
What is the concept of 'Action' in martial art and how to take it quickly
A new training model: CBTM, or Communication Based Training Method
Getting to know the student: Effective Student Disclosures
Running a CBTM class
Going Forward...a declaration

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