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The Walking Bomb

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Rev. David Halloran does the Lord's work, tending his flock in the town of Clover, Texas…and moonlighting in a bomb factory on the side.  He couldn't be in a worse place when a streak of bad luck strikes, and the people he knows and loves go up in smoke one after another.  As Halloran's curse turns his world upside down, he embarks on a journey into the dark heart of America, searching for answers.  Is God punishing him for the violence he helped rain down on distant lands with the bombs he built?  Will his gift for destruction set the stage for resurrection, or complete annihilation at the end of the road?  Even the deepest faith might not be enough to prepare him for the strange and terrifying truth.  Don't miss this story by award-winning writer Robert Jeschonek, a master of unique and unexpected stories that really pack a punch.

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