Your One Million Capacity Edifice: How To Build And Live Your Dreams


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Your One Million Capacity Edifice: How To Build And Live Your Dreams

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This book Your One Million Capacity Edifice is more than a physical structure that you can see with your eye sight. It's all about the power of your positive state of mind and key principles that you can use as sorts of bricks and mortar to build up your dreams and live it out.

The Morris Miller's story of the building of the ''One Million Capacity Edifice'' in 2025 unveils the power of our minds to transport one into the future, so that one can at the present live the future ahead of him or her. The reality of the building of the Edifice reveals that we can live and relive some great future ahead of our present time being. So as you go reading, you have to know that the time calendar of the events of the first chapter dates at some time in 2025.

The Miller's story symbolically predicts the happenings and building of a ''Million Capacity Edifice'' or ''The Like'' on the Atlantic waters of the United States in years to come. Miller had built the Edifice structure in 2025.

This work conveys an idea that there is no such thing as ''The Future'' to the man or woman whose mind has been built up and has learnt to tap into the invisible. What goes on in your mind is the actual reality.

Meanwhile, I don't write this book just to affirm some key principles, but to confirm and affirm what I have tasted, practiced and seen its positive results. I'm sharing these principles here to help you migrate from where you are now and into the reality of your dreams.

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