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A Deal is a Deal: Dragon Fairy Tales, #2

A Deal is a Deal: Dragon Fairy Tales, #2

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A Deal is a Deal: Dragon Fairy Tales, #2

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29 Minuten
Feb 19, 2018


Would you sell your soul to save your skin?

The innkeeper's daughter dreams of a dashing knight and beautiful dresses, but her father marries her off to a lazy woodcutter. So she takes matters—and her husband's stolen guilders—into her own hands. 

Little does she know that greed is contagious and his disease has woken the dragon. 

Can she trick the dragon into leaving his treasure with her and taking back his scales or will this disease ruin even her modest home? 

With the second stand-alone Dragon Fairy Tale, D.C. Harrell can make you snicker, but don't take it too lightly. This dragon knows how to negotiate and when he seals a deal, he sears it in fire. 

If you like a slightly sarcastic medieval narrator, this is the magical woods for you. 

Got an hour? Download A Deal is a Deal now and see if you're smart enough to out-maneuver this dragon. 

Or find all six Dragon Fairy Tales collected as Dragon Hoard: Dragon Fairy Tales 1-6. 

Feb 19, 2018

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A Deal is a Deal - D.C. Harrell

A Deal is a Deal

D.C. Harrell

Copyright © 2018 by D.C. Harrell

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission from the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Published by Stone’s Throw Publishing, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410.

First published as a print-exclusive in Mystic Signals, © February 2014 by D.C. Harrell.

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Cover design adapted, with gratitude, from Sophia Feddersen’s (The Book Brander) design for Dragon Hoard: Dragon Fairy Tales 1-6.

Typesetting created with Vellum.


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A Deal is a Deal

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1. Fisherman and Old Cloot

2. A Deal is a Deal

3. Dragon Wear

4. Drake Take

5. Drakonian Pink

6. Tarragon Hair

A Deal is a Deal

Many years ago when trees still covered the land, there bode a woodcutter on the verge of a dragon-infested forest. Being more fanciful than practical, the woodcutter had located his cottage entirely too close to a stream. Every spring it flooded and mold blackened his walls. For months the logs had sounded punky when he tapped them, but day after day he told himself he would replace the lumber tomorrow.

When tomorrow dawned, he would climb out of bed, pull up his suspenders and eat cold porridge left over from supper. Then he would shoulder his ax and set off to fell a tree. Sometimes as he traipsed through the wood, he shot a deer with his longbow. Then he ate cold stew for breakfast, but it was not very good.

For years he longed for better meals and a tidy house, but being rather lazy, he neither planted a garden, nor straightened up. Instead, he considered the matter with some regularity and finally arrived at a conclusion. He needed a wife.

That Friday the woodcutter loaded his cart with lumber and headed

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