Hard as a Roc


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Hard as a Roc

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Hard as a Roc
Hard Operators Series

Hostile Assault Recon Division is an inter-agency of special ops including Seals, Berets, Rangers and Delta Forces headed by the Department of Defense and four-star General Warren. They put the black in black ops. When the government needs anonymity, state of the art training, ingenuity, innovative technology, and logistical solutions to get the job done, they call on the HARD operators.

With an over-inflated ego, CIA agent Lola MacMillon enters the elite special ops headquarters only to get put in her place by the head of the team, sexy former navy seal, Rocco Robichaux. The mission is to bring down the South American criminal empire—the same human trafficking ring Mac has doggedly pursued since her sister’s kidnapping years ago. But teaming up with this rugged Lieutenant brings out a recklessness that could cost her the case...maybe even her life.

Roc doesn’t do careless. Being rock-hard and steady is how he’d received his name. Clear thought and calculated actions are why he climbed the ladder to team commander, but the brash agent caused all kinds of chaos, especially in his own head. Getting the job done is the easy part; keeping the sassy CIA agent at arm’s length is the real challenge.

When the case takes a dark turn and reveals a traitor amongst the highest echelons of the CIA, Rocco finds himself between a rock and hard place. He must either finish the mission as commanded or go rogue to save the one woman who not only rocked his world, but has become the government’s number one target.

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