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Jinxerypokery: The Beginning

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Readers of Jinxerypokery 2 and Jinxerypokery 3 often ask how old Agatha Pandora Goodfellow is, since she often talks of people who lived hundreds of years ago as friends of hers. Unfortunately, she is not always completely truthful (and sometimes not truthful at all) and combined with her habit of changing her accent (she says it is more interesting than changing her clothes) and her name whenever she feels inclined, readers are a little unsure about believing anything she says. In fact, for once, Agatha is telling the truth; she was actually born a peasant girl in 1068, just after the Normans invaded England.

This is how Agatha’s story began. Chosen as a recruit, alongside Edmund, the Baron’s son, the two are being trained to help the Arbiters defend Spirits whose powers regenerate the natural world each spring. Unfortunately, these powers are coveted by others, including Edmund’s uncle and his evil accomplice, Bishop Vermilus.

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