The Camino: A Sinner's Guide


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The Camino: A Sinner's Guide

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Aspiring travel writer Eddie Rock has hit hard times. Drowning in a midlife crisis of fear and debt, he looks for a second chance.A night of debauchery with a sexy hippy girl on the west coast of Ireland and A fortuitous encounter with false a prophet in Artic Canada triggers his story with warnings in the not-so-distant-futureAn unfortunate brush with the law, and an unforgettable stag party in Amsterdam set the tone for Eddie's timeless European misadventure. Following in the footsteps of countless saints and sinners before him, Rock travels the well-trodden road to Santiago de Compostela in search of enlightenment, salvation, and forgiveness, with a full cast of strange and interesting characters, spectacular places and plenty of wine.Eddie Rock's book is honest, entertaining, a warts-and-all romp as he takes us on a long walk of alcoholic indiscretions, more brushes with the law and accidental applications of deep heat, all the while providing an entertaining commentary of his surroundings and never taking himself too seriously. It makes for a refreshing change from the usual run of Camino stories, treating the whole thing as some reverential sacred cow!
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