Confiscation Blues


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Confiscation Blues

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Confiscation Blues – Notes from the Author

In Confiscation Blues, Denver resident Eric is arrested for driving young, while leaving Colorado. The humorous story follows Eric as he deals with the aftermath of the arrest and carries on with his life.

Confiscation Blues is the latest of my Colorado books. In order, the books are:
1.Upside Down – free short story
2.Car Noir – free short story
3.Confiscation Blues

Some Denver-based Confiscation Blues characters are introduced in the short stories, thus these characters may appear to be underdeveloped, if the reader begins reading with Confiscation Blues. Readers would be best served reading Upside Down and Car Noir first, before reading Confiscation Blues. Upside Down is really good. Car Noir is interesting, but not as good as Upside Down.

The Colorado books use humor to mitigate these themes:
1.Weed. This theme is present in all of the Colorado books.
2.Federal laws regarding property confiscation. The confiscations occur when somebody is indicted for a crime. Property remains confiscated regardless of whether the person is eventually convicted.
3.Licensed gun dealers.

When weed dispensary owner Lela has conversations and arguments, they generally regard weed legalization and weed prohibition. There are other weed-oriented observations along the way, like the Colorado solution to the theft of mile marker 420 signs, a high point in Confiscation Blues.

Eric has the confiscation blues. His arrest facilitated the confiscation of his car. After the events in Kansas, Eric transitions through Denver, on the way to a new job in western Colorado. As Eric carries on with his life, some threads of the story remain unresolved, until later. And, his new life adds threads that need to be resolved.

Confiscation Blues threads:
1.The arrest and initial court appearance.
2.The gravy train: the vehicle confiscation scam and the associated conspiracy.
3.The lawyers who resolve the gravy train, on behalf of Eric.
4.The dirty Fed, involved in the gravy train and later events.
5.Eric’s new life in western Colorado.
6.The gun dealers.
7.The biker’s girlfriend.
8.The ATF agent.
9.Visits to weed dispensaries, brownie baking, weed anecdotes.
10.Yummy chocolate donuts.

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