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Saratoga Springs


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Saratoga Springs

Länge: 127 Seiten1 Stunde


A retired cop from Saratoga Springs travels from Florida to his old town to assist his former Viet Nam friend and now Chief of Police.  

First there is an abduction of the Fire Chief's Daughter, but then two hoodlums from Tampa show up to eliminate the Daughter and her alleged boyfriend over some minor findings. 

Then another hired hit man shows up to remedy part of the situation.

In the end, private investigator Drake Blake assists the Police Chief in locking up the criminals, but not for very long, since the law and the Families of Saratoga Springs are hand in hand.

Drake returns home to Marco Island to find a threatening note under his door but shrugs it off as he escapes back into his favorite clothes: flip flops, Hawaiian Shirt and shorts.

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