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Sentimental Poems to Discover the Lost Feelings

This precious wonder that lies within us and we are afraid to show it, express it and try not to associate it with us, because we think too much about the reactions of people around us, not knowing that in the end expressing our feelings makes us feel free, it gives a smile in our face and makes peoples happy close to us

We try to don't touch them, they are unreachable and far away, knowing that actually are so close to us that we accompany them in everyday life, we leave it every day more and more, when we actually need them, they are inside of us, but we choose to save them inside our shadow, not knowing that putting them outside of our soul will create sentimental confusion and obscures our view,

For me feel the feelings and try to understand them was not that easy and let's say, difficult but more I want it and more they go away, I wanted to approach, to touch, to understand, to feel them, but they move away, I looked for the same symptoms in others and I couldn't have reached, I was worried about having something so immense inside of me but unable to live with, embrace and brings closer to me,

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