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Carolina Dance: Orlando Black, #1


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Carolina Dance: Orlando Black, #1

Länge: 260 Seiten4 Stunden


They took his peace and quiet. He'll pay them back in fists and bullets…

Charlotte, North Carolina. Ex-Special Forces Captain Orlando Black is long overdue for some peace and quiet. So when cops arrest him on the quiet city streets, he struggles to keep his cool against the blatant racial profiling. And after the FBI infiltrates his case, he gets entangled in a criminal conspiracy that could force him to dodge bullets all over again.

Managing to exonerate himself and team up with a local police officer, Black taps into his martial arts skills to fend off an attack by armed killers. With innocent citizens caught up in the violent mayhem, the captain makes a promise to a victim's terrified wife. And if he has to spill blood to keep his word, then so be it…

Can Black take down the brutal mastermind before his city suffers more death and destruction?

Carolina Dance is the first book in the thrilling Orlando Black action adventure series. If you like diehard heroes, adrenaline-fueled fight scenes, and non-stop action, then you'll love Alex Cage's page-turning tale.

Buy Carolina Dance to watch one man fight back against depravity today!

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