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Losing my Voice & Finding Another
Losing my Voice & Finding Another
Losing my Voice & Finding Another
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Losing my Voice & Finding Another

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Über dieses E-Book

Losing My Voice and Finding Another is a language learner narrative, a personal account of the author's experiences from 2003 to 2010, when he moved from the United States to Germany at the age of 53 and began to learn German. The book is written for adults who are trying to learn a second language and for language teachers who want to learn about the emotional and social aspects of second language learning.

"In this book, Cooper Thompson examines the array of emotions while learning German: anxiety, excitement, anger, hope, contentment, confusion, and joy. He also probes the far deeper changes that language learning wrought in his identity, personality, relationship, and even life-purpose.

When I read his words, my own world was altered. I entered a new dimension and gained fresh insights about the substance and the soul of language learning, even though I have been in the language field for decades."
Dr. Rebecca Oxford, leading L2 and ESL scholar
Erscheinungsdatum14. Sept. 2016
Losing my Voice & Finding Another
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