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Fears / Phobias Dictionary

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The Fears / Phobias Dictionary was brought to you by “Valour of Writing” - compiled by Blake Pieck. Each one will serve a purpose for our current or upcoming tools in aid of Writing and/or Editing.

This dictionary was created through my database that was collected over the years. This dictionary is divided into two sections. The first is by Phobia, and the second by Fear.

Why is Fears / Phobias part of Character Creation?

Giving characters fears/phobias can be fun to write about. Characters don’t need to have fears/phobias; however, everyone is afraid of something.

When I was creating my Characters for “Valour Of Justice” – A medieval upcoming story, I wanted to give my characters different kind of challenges – not only for them to deal with, but for me to become more creative in my writing. For my character Warner Waugh – A Physician I gave the phobia of Atelophobia - Fear of imperfection – it not only went perfect with his background story, but it gives him challenges throughout the story while trying to heal people while having the fear of “not being good enough”. Another character - Henry Barnes – A Squire - I gave the phobia Atychiphobia – Fear of failure or defeat.

I gave the phobias long after creating the characters, and it really helped to spice up the story. It served the purpose I wanted out of it.

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