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Forbidden Wiccan Spells: Magick for Love and Power: Forbidden Wiccan Spells, #1

Forbidden Wiccan Spells: Magick for Love and Power: Forbidden Wiccan Spells, #1

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Forbidden Wiccan Spells: Magick for Love and Power: Forbidden Wiccan Spells, #1

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Jan 22, 2019


Enchant your way to romance with these Wiccan love spells! Become a master of power magick! Learn all this and much more with this original spell book from Didi Clarke! 

Whether you're trying to seduce that special someone or want to show others who's the boss, Forbidden Wiccan Spells: Magick for Love and Power has something for everyone.

With each chapter, you'll find authentic Wiccan magic that will help you unlock your dreams in love and life!

What You'll Find

Within the pages of Magick for Love and Power, you'll find one-of-a-kind spells written and tested by Didi Clarke herself—you won't find books on witchcraft like this anywhere else! 

If you're new to Wicca, never fear—this book uses a wicca for beginners approach. The spells are explained thoroughly, and each one comes with a detailed item list and step-by-step directions. 

And there's plenty for more experienced witches too. These unique magick rituals will enhance your skills and help you tap into the full potential of love and power! 

In this book, you'll find a wide variety of magickal practices to explore, including: 

• Herbal Magick 

• Candle Magick 

• Mantra Magick 

• Elemental Magick

Are you ready to spice up your life with love spells? 

Love is a powerful force, and when you combine it with the power of witchcraft, the results can be truly magickal! In Magick for Love and Power, you'll get access to genuine spells and rituals that will help you attract romance into your life and keep the flames of love burning for years to come! 

These love spells include: 

• Flame gazing to find your true love

• Mantras to keep your partner faithful

• Potions to repair a damaged relationship

• And much more!

Are you ready to harness the strength of power magick? 

These power spells are here to change your life for the better. Whether you want to be more assertive at work or tap into the power of the Spirits, this magick will leave you feeling confident and strong! 

Here are some of the power spells you'll find in this complete book of witchcraft: 

• Amulets for persuasive power

• Rituals for fame

• Incantations for dominance

• Many more!

Learn the Art of Love Magick and Power Magick Today!

Unlock the secrets of witchcraft within the pages of this Wiccan book of shadows written for those seeking love and power! If you're ready to take control and live your best life, read Magick for Love and Power today! 

Jan 22, 2019

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Forbidden Wiccan Spells - Didi Clarke



Most Wiccans will advise you to tread lightly when it comes to love spells or spells that attempt to exert control over another person, and in a way they’re right—you should tread lightly. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tread at all!

Despite the fact that these sorts of spells are branded as forbidden, love and power magick is just as real and effective as any other type you’ll encounter. And when performed responsibly by someone who’s aware of the risks, these spells can be quite rewarding.

However, this magick is not something you should take lightly—the threefold law still applies here. For those who need a refresher, this is the idea that the Spiritual energy you put into the world will be returned to you threefold. So, if you’re performing love spells with bad intentions, you can expect them to backfire in the worst way possible!

Despite this, those with pure intentions have nothing to worry about. If you’re seeking retribution on someone who has legitimately wronged you, that’s understandable. Seeking retribution on the innocent, however, is a completely different story.

So, before you perform any of these rituals, I highly advise you to take some time to really think about your intentions and motives. A little soul searching at the beginning of this process can save you a world of heartache and pain in the future.

A Glimpse At What You’ll Find In This Book

This book is broken up into two basic sections. First, you’ll find a collection of some of my personal favorite love spells. From looking seductive to reconciling with a former lover, this section will introduce you to some magick that is sure spice things up in your life.

Next up are the power spells. Whether you’re looking for a more general confidence boost or are trying to avenge a wrong, this section will walk you through the ins and outs of harnessing the might of the Spiritual world for power on the earthly plane.

Both of these sections deal with four specific kinds of magick, for a total of seven love spells and seven power spells. These include:

• Candle Magick

• Mantra Magick

• Elemental Magick

• Herbal Magick

For my readers who are beginners: don’t fret! Even though this is some high-level magick you’ll be working with, I walk you through each part of each ritual step-by-step. Additionally, I do my best to explain exactly why I’m telling you to do what I’m telling you to do. I firmly believe that a deep knowledge will only serve to strengthen and empower your practice.

For my more advance readers: don’t fret either! This is not some re-hashing of the same old spells you see time and time again in books and on the internet. I’ve independently crafted each one of these in my own personal practice, and I guarantee you’ll find some things you’ve never seen before.

A Word on Casting a Circle

Casting a sacred circle before doing any sort of magickal work is almost second nature to Wiccans, considering how much it gets done. Not only does it protect us from negative energy and malevolent Spirits, but it acts as a sort of meditation to prepare our minds for the ritual to

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