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After his many adventures, Eskandar and his brave followers rest in Myrlia, the beautiful, colorful and cruel harbor capital of rich Hizmyr. The prophecy tells them they must wait for something to happen, but what and when it doesn’t say. So they loaf around, see the sights and feed peanuts to the elephants in the central market.

Then the overhasty arrival of a strange boy shatters their rest and plunge the wyrmcaller and his friends into new action. The prophecy nears its end stage and the final, long anticipated battles are about to take place.

Now they need the help of Ancho-Dar, the ancient, vanished Wyrm Queen, who once war enslaved by the lich king. But if she is still alive where is she hiding? And would she be willing to venture out again, now the lich has returned?

And there are some more young people to gather for their kids’ army, there are two more nations to be saved, and a bunch of hunted wyrmlings to be found before the lich’s minions capture them. Time presses and there is still so much to do...

Follow Eskandar and the others, as they battle their way to victory (or a horrible enslavement) in Jinnbane the final book of the ‘Wyrms of Pasandir’ series.

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