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Alien Valentine: Cosmic Connections

Alien Valentine: Cosmic Connections

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Alien Valentine: Cosmic Connections

4.5/5 (4 Bewertungen)
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Jan 31, 2019


A pink alien prince + A human mail-order bride = A perfect Valentine's Day romance!

The last thing she wanted was to become some alien's mail-order bride...
Feeling lonely on Valentine's Day, Maya tries her luck at a matchmaking agency - only to discover that her groom is an alien from another galaxy! The contract she signed requires her to spend at least a year with him - as if! Once she arrives on the strange planet of Xelris, she immediately plans to make a run for it. There is just one problem: her own traitorous heart. 

But she could hardly become the queen of an alien planet, could she...?

The last thing he wanted was to take a mate...
With rebellions erupting all over the planet, Prince Kreoz has only one goal: to stop them. He has no time to spare for other things, least of all for females. So when his brother orders him a mail-order bride, Kreoz is furious. But when the beautiful Maya walks out of the spaceship, his heart can't help skipping a beat. Could she be his sha-im - his one and only other half?

When Maya insists on returning to Earth, Kreoz suddenly has another goal besides saving the kingdom - making sure Maya never leaves his side...

Alien Valentine is a standalone sci-fi romance novella set in the Cosmic Connections universe. Complete with a HEA and no cliffhangers, the story is intended for mature audiences only.

Jan 31, 2019

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Alien Valentine - Sonia Nova



Valentine’s Day… The day of lovers, gifts, chocolate, and –

For God’s sake! Maya stopped right in her tracks, staring as yet another guy fell down on one knee before a woman in the park. She’d already seen one man proposing to his girlfriend earlier that day, and she hadn’t expected to see another.

The city sure was busy this day…

It was just her luck to have gotten the day off…

Couples walked all around her in the streets, holding hands and laughing about together. The last touches of snow from the winter had melted away and the city park was starting to green back into life. Birds chirped and the sun shone happily above.

It was a perfect day for going out and taking some time off from her dreadful office job.

…If only it wasn’t Valentine’s Day.

Maya sighed, taking a determined step in the opposite direction from the happy, newly engaged couple as she started walking toward the shopping street – a little detour wouldn’t matter just as long as she got away from the people.

It wasn’t her first Valentine’s Day alone, and she was sure it wouldn’t be her last. But, as she glanced back once more at the newly engaged couple – unable to stop herself – she couldn’t help but feel more alone than ever.

Especially knowing that while she hit the city on a shopping spree, all of her friends were on dates or snuggling their beaus under blankets at home.

She wasn’t upset that she had a day off. She basically lived at her job and although it paid her alright, the only silver lining it had was the possible promotion in the future – and even that one wasn’t guaranteed.

As it was, she could only take so many angry customers calling in about their computers not working before she wanted to throw the phone out the window.

No, she wasn’t upset she had the day off. She was upset her day off happened to be Valentine’s.

Pulling out her phone, she checked it for messages.


Not even a greeting from her mother although she’d texted her earlier that day, asking how she was doing.

Not that she was really surprised.

Her friends weren’t the only ones spending time with their boyfriends. Her own mother had managed to get luckier than her this Valentine’s and she probably didn’t even notice the message Maya had sent, too busy dining out with the bank manager she’d met online.

Sliding her phone back into her pocket, Maya was glad to find herself at the shopping street. This was exactly what she needed – distraction.

Walking into a coffee shop, Maya sucked her bottom lip between her teeth in thought as she considered what to buy.

She’d treat herself, she decided, ordering a coffee and some chocolate. She was worth it; she just needed to remind herself of it.

Maybe she would have been better off just being stuck at work for the day.

She frowned at herself for even thinking so. She most definitely was not better off working that day. Shaking her head, she reminded her inner self that it was better to be alone than at that god forsaken office.

Leaving the coffee shop, she resigned to the idea of her lonely plans. She’d get home, put on a movie, maybe do some yoga, and try to ignore how happy the rest of the world was.

Maya sighed, realizing she was starting to sound almost bitter.

But somehow, not even the fact that she had just put a down payment on a nice house in an almost-decent neighborhood could cheer her up on this day. Nor the possible promotion she’d been fighting to get.

Lifting her coffee cup to her lips to take a sip, a sudden blast of wind almost knocked it out of her fingers. Her hair flew in front of her eyes, and before she had time to react or even see what was happening, a piece of bright pink paper smacked her right in the face.

Maya dropped her coffee in surprise, pulling the paper off her face as the wind kept trying to push it against her.

Stepping away from her spilled coffee, she looked over the flyer.

‘Lonely?’ the top of the flyer said.

Maya scoffed and rolled her eyes, picking up the coffee cup and tossing it into the nearest trash can.

She began to ball up the flyer when a sudden thought stopped her. She was lonely. And, although she couldn’t understand why, something just felt wrong about throwing the paper away without even giving it a read.

Sighing, Maya straightened the slip of paper back out and continued to read.

‘The stars may be aligned for you! Come to Cosmic Connections and find your true love TODAY!’

Beneath was an address and a cheesy clipart illustration of hearts, cupids, and, for some odd reason, planets – likely for the ‘Cosmic’ part of it.

Maya rolled her eyes. She wanted to throw the paper away again, to get rid of the offending little thing. Did people actually fall for this shit?

She could still understand online dating, but traditional matchmaking agencies were just beyond her scope of comprehension. Even less could she understand herself though, when she found herself walking toward the address on the flyer.

Really, what was she doing? She couldn’t possibly be going to this messed up matchmaking agency? Could she?

And yet, that’s exactly where her feet took her. Before she even realized it herself, she stood before a tall, sleek building that looked like it had just burst from the ground where it stood.

Maya stared at the building, her eyes wide open. The glass windows and the metal exterior twisted and reached to the sky like crystals bursting from the ground. The building was modern and imposing, and not at all what she had expected for the part of town she was in.

What if this was all a scam? Was she really going in? Was she that lonely, that desperate?

Yes, she thought to herself, closing her eyes for a moment. She was.

Besides, even if this turned out to be some hoax, it wasn’t like she had anything better to do either. It wasn’t like she had anyone to go home to. Not even her friends could spare time for her on this day.

If anything, it could be a kick, something fun to do to keep her mind off her loneliness.

Maya took a deep breath, collecting herself. Her fingers were still gripping the pink slip of paper in her hands, and despite the strange-looking building rising in front of her – one that didn’t seem to fit into the landscape in the least – she forced herself to walk in.

The lobby of the building was huge, almost all glass and dark, highly shined metal. The room was almost too sparkly and clean, and Maya suddenly felt uneasy, her stomach flipping a little.

Had she gone to the wrong place? Was she about to completely embarrass herself?

Glancing down at the flyer, she turned on her heels, ready to leave this shimmering building behind. Even if the address was the one stated on the cheesy little paper, she didn’t think this was the place for her.

Oh! You found one of our fliers! a woman’s voice suddenly said behind her, making her heart jump into her throat in surprise.

Maya froze, taking a deep breath before she turned back around toward the lobby.

Come on over here, let’s have a talk, the woman called out, standing up from behind the large high-gloss desk that was at least thirty feet from the doors.


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  • (4/5)
    It was a good read but I wish it was longer and more detailed. But as far as novellas go it was really great!