2012: Lyrics & Poems


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2012: Lyrics & Poems

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Looking at the rhymes I wrote in 2012 I am quite surprised at the number which were married to WildScreW musical melodies, effectively turning the poems into songs. “Free Fall”, “Beast With Two Backs”, “Stung!”, “Cougar!” and “On My Own” were all developed from original Thomas Wild guitar melodies, so called ALPHAs, and were professionally recorded on the studio CD which was released at the start of 2017. “On My Own” is a guitar melody which has haunted Thomas, so he claims, since he started to learn to play the guitar and was his personal favourite melody.
The WildScreW ALPHAs “Last Man Standing”, “Demon Eyes”, “Nothin’s Gonna Change” and “Adulterous” are, in my opinion, still, today, all useable and listenable ALPHAs and hopefully will one day also be recorded as part of a professional CD album.
“Hold You In My Arms” is the first poem/song I wrote for Thomas Wild to a guitar melody which wasn’t quite rounded enough and my vocals were also somewhat choppy so were mutually agreed to assign the ALPHA to the digital dustbin.
“Marchin’ In” and “Keep Your Distance” were both written for a project band called PackEis and a detailed study of those lyrics is available in a separate eBOOK.

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