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Labeled: Redefining the Woman God Made You to Be


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Labeled: Redefining the Woman God Made You to Be

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What if the labels are right, but the definitions are all wrong?

The world's definition of an ideal woman often becomes a lady’'s personal list of inadequacies. The culture-created pressure to be the ideal woman begins in adolescence and can consume a woman’s focus well into adulthood. Issues like bullying, obesity, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, and anxiety are on the rise, and they often stem from women trying to find value in stereotypes and social acceptance rather than in their true worth.

How can a woman filter through the cultural noise and expectations to understand who God has really made her to be? In Labeled, Stacy examines seven words that society frequently uses to compare women to each other. Then, she offers insight, biblical definitions, and practical solutions for breaking the traps set by these labels in order to reclaim them as God honoring expressions of who God created us to be. Chapters also include questions for reflection and group discussion. Relatable and entertaining, Labeled offers healing for women who have struggled with society’s poor definitions of womanhood and encouragement for women striving to change them.
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