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70 Years On - What Next?


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70 Years On - What Next?

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From its roots in Aneurin Bevan's Tredegar to its technology-driven tomorrow, this commemorative book celebrates and challenges one of the UK's most important institutions: the NHS.
This book marks 10 years of the Bevan Commission, a leading think tank of internationally acclaimed experts with a proven track record in developing new ways of thinking and translating good ideas into action on the frontline of health and care in Wales.
It brings together the personal reflections and expertise from the Bevan Commissioners, challenging current practice in order to secure a sustainable and more prudent health and care system for the future, based upon a social model of health. In this they describe how everyone has a role to play to build community resilience and well-being, how innovation can transform health and social care services, how to engage and develop cooperative leadership at all levels, recognising that there is still much work to be done to tackle health inequality. 
This is a great read of distilled expert opinion, providing a valuable addition of new knowledge, opinion and innovative ideas. Discover how Wales is capable of creating a health and care system fit for the future – and what the world can learn from this small but innovative nation, 70 years on.

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