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Ali Sam: Erapa - part 5/6 Open Source Movie Challenge

Ali Sam: Erapa - part 5/6 Open Source Movie Challenge

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Ali Sam: Erapa - part 5/6 Open Source Movie Challenge

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Mar 6, 2019


Sally starts her best story. A look at the evolution of technology about 200,000 or so years ago. A sweet story. A little break from the violence. Except for a few conflicts and whatnot. I may make better descriptions later. After the online activities are happening in a big way. Here is the first bit of Sally's story...

The Tree People
It will be a little girl. It is night and the rest of the tribe is sleeping except for her father, the chief, who is watching the embers die down on the fire before he also goes to sleep. She has no mother. There are vague memories and sometimes dreams of a woman she thinks is her mother. Most of her memories are from stories her father has told her.
Anessa and her tribe live in a tree. Not many of their species do. They walk upright and trees aren’t the best place for that. But the tree is very big and it gives them safety.
The tree is so large that the 36 humanoids and their various pets and little gardens all fit comfortably all around and up the tree. Their pets include chickens that periodically lay eggs that are made into wonderful omelets. There are also a few little goats that allow their milk to be tickled out of their tits. The milk is mostly used to make cheese and butter.
The tree has wonderful nuts that aren’t so palatable raw but are delightful when sun baked in clay ovens. The ovens can be heated with wood but since wood means going down to the ground, which is always dangerous, fires are seldom. It is never very cold. There is a nearby river they fish at when no enemies were camped near by. They never stay long and usually took no notice of the tree people because they were up in a tree.
Water is collected from rain and stored in animal skins. It can also be taken from a small stream by lowering a bucket on a long rope. Rope is made from hemp plants. The hemp plants also provide food and clothing as well as medicine. Some of the elders of the tribe use the dried buds, after removing the seeds, to smoke. This is done for improving problem solutions. One of their best ever was the bucket and rope trick. Mostly they planned what to build next to make life better for everyone in the tree. Moving food and supplies were the central concerns for many generations. Quite by accident they discovered tree gardening. They weaved living branches together over years and years, using vines from the forest or making rope, which took a long time but was more flexible and less dangerous. They had harvested hemp in their tree now for generations.
The world was dangerous for the tree people. They were very good at surviving in their tree but all too often they ran into danger on the ground. This had to be the next central topic for the elders of the tree.

Mar 6, 2019

Über den Autor

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 1960. Moved to London, Ontario, Canada in 1967. Started playing hockey and piano. Went to Sir Wilfred Laurier High School and played the trumpet. Studied Architectural Technology at Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Sciences. Started playing guitar and writing a little. On a trip to the mountains in 1982 with a friend I decided, or was awakened to the knowledge that I was going to pursue writing. Graduated 1984 and moved to Toronto. Moved to Saarbrücken, Germany in 1993. Have traveled many places in North, Middle and South America and Europe. Besides reading and writing also work on photography and music.

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Ali Sam - Steve Howard

Ali Sam


Part 5 of 6

Steve Howard


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Ali Sam


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Table of Content

Ali Sam - Erapa - 5/6

chapter 25 _ Artemis Kills a Human













chapter 26 _ The Girls Meet











chapter 27 _ The Tree People









chapter 28 _ This Day People













chapter 29 _ Zara’s Wilderness Kill












chapter 30 _ Some Holiday Time












chapter 25 _ artemis kills a human


The craziest thing happened yesterday.

The taxi you were in turned into a killer robot.

Zara looked at Suzanna. She had a funny way of being funny.


How did you know.

It was all over the Internet.

Zara gave Suzanna a killer look that would make most people stop breathing. Suzanna just smiled.

Okay. What happened.

I met our doubles.

Zara saw that Suzanna was paying attention. Waiting for an explanation.

I was visiting King David in the park. And I saw you and me not you and me.

So two girls that look like us.

Right. And they move like us and look at each other like we do. And I think, what the hell, we’ll follow them.

You and King David.

Yes. At the entrance to the zoo I told her I liked her pants.

The girl that looks like you or me.

Remember we saw those two girls in the city.


She had those unusual beautiful leather pants. She made them herself.

Did she tell you that.

She did. And that she lives on a farm.

Oh, where.

I forgot to ask.

Well you know what the White Rabbit says.

No. What rabbit.

Oh, Zara, sometimes I get the feeling you come from another planet.

What did the rabbit say.

I don’t remember now if it was even him.

Just get to the point.

Suzanna looked at Zara and wondered how preoccupied she was with the girl with the leather pants.

Something about a one in a million chance thing happening most every day before breakfast.

So you don’t think it’s an extreme coincidence.

What are the chances that a bunch of elements from dead stars should get blasted by a super nova to tune them so that after billions of years they get together for a star and a few planets. One of those planets goes through great disasters that prepare the way for mammals to take over the surface. Had the asteroid been a little bigger it might have been too much. Had it been too small, not enough. One in a million is nothing. It’s normal.

Not normal is normal.

It’s most common. What are the chances of cellular life on a planet. What are the chances of surviving for four billions years.

If I break the bitches face tonight, I’m going to tell her it’s your fault.

Suzanna flopped gently into Zara so that Zara had to embrace her.

You should have invited her to your fight.

If I get another chance, I will. I’ll make you look at the two of them.

Do you ever get the urge to punch me.

Zara squeezed.

No. I sometimes get the urge to not let you go.


Nelly and Beatrice say hi. Nixon is on tour.

Artemis smiled but didn’t look at Karla. She was a defensive alert driver and took the occupation seriously as she did most things she undertook. Driving the Luxury SUV was much different than the old John Deere or the pickup truck. She had to be ever watchful of the speed. The car seemed to beg to be permitted twice the speed limit. There were highways in Germany where it could do its thing. Not in America. Especially not US America. State troopers were everywhere. Cameras were common. It really was a totalitarian police state with its people waving flags and screaming our team is the best. After seeing the streets of New York, New York, Artemis was suspect of the great American way of life. She was suspect as a child. Her grandfather had prepared her for a battle zone. Though she was certain most people managed to ignore the field where the battles took place, it was obvious to those who lived mostly outside of it.

She had liked some things in New York. She even understood the appeal of a big city. A huge network of networks working together and playing together. She liked Central Park. Her mother made her understand that there were many projects to make the city a better place to live. The city was greener than when Artemis was last there. Artemis couldn’t remember.

Before they got to the boarder, the ferry, in Maine, they were pulled over twice for no reason other than they looked suspicious. Girls in a bright yellow Italian SUV that cops couldn’t afford unless they had side jobs such as working with drug dealers and shaking down pimps.

Karla was given instructions to directly phone Mr. Morgan’s lawyer any time they were pulled over. Don’t talk to the cops, hand them the smartdevice. You cannot reason with state troupers.

Police being recorded by car cameras, visible by any cars on the net, talking to a lawyer they had heard the name of, tended to send people on their way.

Drive safely, ladies.

We will.

Why do you think they pull us over.

Two teenagers in a car like this. Maybe that’s enough. Maybe that’s what they do. Get in people’s faces and annoy them.

Odd kind of job.

Karla had to laugh. She didn’t know if Artemis was joking or serious. She had never talked to a police officer.

Yes. It’s not really their job. They are supposed to protect and serve. They usually do. Some are bullies.

In Bangor they stayed in a bed and breakfast. For the next morning they planned to drive onto a new ferry known as the Cat2 and shortly after leaving Bar Harbor, land in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.


Zara was nervous but sat quietly with her father after her fight. She had come close to killing her opponent. She had beaten the woman so hard that she had to be taken to the hospital. Luckily the fans loved that kind of an ending. However, it would make it hard to get Zara opponents if there was any real danger of dying in the ring with her.

Zara made Brains record an apology for the site.

What’s wrong, Zara.

I wasn’t trying to kill her, Dad. I’m just so nervous about traveling so long with.

With one of the farm animals.

That seems so mean.

It is. We are a mean lot.

I fear for Suzanna alone with me out there in the wilderness of Canada.

Canada is not so different from here. And we have our organization all through Canada. You stay in the south of Canada and you’ll be fine.

Anthropophagi had been unobtrusively organized for thousands of years, keeping their nature to themselves. Survival demanded it. They were vastly outnumbered. If they were to be identified for what they were, they would be tracked down and slaughtered. Or put in cages and fed criminals with a death sentence. Not many countries that had attempted to leave the Stone Age still had the death sentence.

Zara had an encrypted app on her smartdevice that would only open with an eye and thumb and voice scan. The secure wheresafriend app used the GPS so that if Zara was too weak to make her own kill because she had been stranded on an island with two other humans that were too old to eat, she could message a known by other Anthropophagi, Anthropophagus, information network. It needed not be an emergency.

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