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What eight million women want


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What eight million women want

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This was Dorr's reportage on the role of women's clubs. It does not perceptively involve undercover reporting but followed immediately her multi-year undercover research of women in the trades and other low-wage situations for Everybody's Magazine.

Rheta Childe Dorr: "...feminism never harmed anybody unless it was some feminists. The danger is that the study and contemplation of "ourselves" may become so absorbing that it builds by slow degrees a high wall that shuts out the great world of thought."

Book Excerpt: "For the audacity of the title of this book I offer no apology. I have had it pointed out, not altogether facetiously, that it is impossible to determine with accuracy what one woman, much less what any number of women, wants. ... The mass alone is consistent. The ideals of the mass of women are wrapped in mystery simple because no one has cared enough about them to inquire what they are."
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