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Cycling Scotland's North Coast


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Cycling Scotland's North Coast

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This cycling guidebook follows the course of a new cycling route around the North Coast of Scotland, described as Scotland's own Route 66. Since its launch in 2015 this route, branded as 'North Coast 500' (NC500), it has proved to be a resounding success, with motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists flocking to Inverness to put rubber to the road, driving and riding through some of the most spectacular scenery in the United Kingdom. This guidebook is aimed specifically at cyclists, describing the entire coastal route over seven stages. A sketch plan, elevation graphs and turn-by-turn directions are given to each stage; points of interest are highlighted, and in many cases illustrated; helpful sections on travel to Inverness, nutrition, navigation and emergency cycle repairs; alternative route is offered to the busy and challenging A9 section south of Wick and finally, a full list of accommodation providers to suit all budgets. An invaluable guide to cyling Scotland's North Coast, one of the finest cycle tours in Britain. Nicolas Mitchell is passionate about cycle touring and has thousands of cycling miles to his credit, this is his third cycling guide book for Crowood.
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