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Snow Fright: Wendigo Girl, #4

176 pages2 hours


Tess is living on borrowed time. Hidden from the hunters who want to end her existence, she soon finds she has more than one enemy. A mysterious government organization is capturing and studying supernatural creatures to harness and use their powers—and Tess and her creatures are next on their list. 

Tess never wanted to save the world. She just wants to find her missing ghoul before he starts decomposing. But the only help she can find is from some very questionable allies. All the while, she is forced to deal with a sickening love that threatens to topple Tess's carefully erected emotional walls. 

It's all too much for one human-turned-wendigo to handle. Tess should know by now that just when she thinks her life can't get any worse…that's when it usually does. 

The Wendigo Girl series of novellas combines elements of urban fantasy, paranormal, romance, light horror, and native mythical creatures. If you are offended by moderate violence, sex, love regardless of gender, or high levels of snark... this might not be the series for you.

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