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Feel of Her: A Lesbian Romance: An F/F Lesbian Romance

140 pages1 hour


After surviving a near-fatal car crash, recovering Christina doesn’t know if she can handle returning back to normal life.

She has life-long injuries and scarring, daily reminders of the night she nearly lost her life.

And daily reminders of how damaged she is now… nobody could possibly want her. Her long-term boyfriend already dumped her.

Going back to work, and settling into a routine seemed to be the best thing for her.

But Christina finds support where she didn’t know she would: Her friend Sandra. The woman is gentle and supportive, and Christina finds herself starting to look at Sandra a different way.

She finds herself starting to think about Sandra… about the tall woman’s toned, beautiful legs. About that pretty smile… and those full lips.

As time passes, and Christina and Sandra spend more time together, Christina realizes she’s falling hard for the woman.

How could she be falling in love with another woman?

Why was she changing now?

And would Sandra, the beautiful, sexy Sandra, reciprocate?


Feel of Her by Donata Love is a sensual and passionate lesbian romance telling the love story of Christina, a woman recovering mentally and physically from her injuries, falling for a friend… and a woman for the very first time.

Feel of Her concludes with a happy ending, and contains plenty of steam.

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