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Seduced by the two Alphas

50 pages41 minutes


It has been nearly a year since Jill King has lost her husband Mike and she finds herself in a deep depression that is causing her to question everything about her character. From her beliefs to the woman she is now Jill finds she has certain fantasies that she wishes to act on but feels troubled in doing so. 

When her friend Mary takes her out to the mall one day she begins to see visions of her late husband and yearns to have a sexual fantasy she never thought possible. She meets Finn and Sebastian who not only promise to full fill her every fantasy but want to share their legacy with her. Finn a Bear Shifter and Sebastian a Dragon Shifter want to bring new promise to their pack by connecting mankind with their world. Will Jill be willing to fulfill her fantasies and join Finn and Sebastian in their secret society? 

WARNING: This eBook contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only! 

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