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Apocalypse (Alien Brut 2): Marvin Greybonds way through space and time

Apocalypse (Alien Brut 2): Marvin Greybonds way through space and time

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Apocalypse (Alien Brut 2): Marvin Greybonds way through space and time

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May 1, 2019


Marvin is in search of the legendary AREA 51. There should be located the path to the 'New Worlds'. He is accompanied by the mysterious insectoid man Takaarrath. He too carries a secret from which he himself still knows nothing. These are the adventures of the young Marvin Greybond through space and time on the way to his true destiny.
May 1, 2019

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Apocalypse (Alien Brut 2) - J.F. Simon


Marvin Greybonds way through space and time




Jens F. Simon

Text copyright © 2019 Jens F. Simon

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ISBN:   978-3-95745-999-2

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To have power and to practice against other people is not a worthwhile goal. Nevertheless, power is a covetous good that has unleashed many of wars.

Table of Contents

The insectoid man

The attack

Path to the New World

The leaving

The insectoid man

The long body was divided by very deep constrictions into uneven limbs.

The constrictions were so strong and thin that the connections consisted almost entirely of tendons and muscles.

The uppermost limb was the strongest and of unadulterated wedge shape. It was replaced by an elliptical link, which in turn merged into a wedge-shaped body part and ended in a pointed shape at the end. All parts consisted of a light brown, steel-hard hairy armored shell.

From the lowest wedge-shaped body protruded two short and strong legs that leaked in claw-like toe and were hairy.

The very long arms, covered with a wool-like hair, with their fine gripping claws, sat on the highest and strongest limb, on which rested the mighty spherical head without the hint of a neck-like transition.

Nose and ears were hidden beneath skin flaps. Only the mouth, formed as an uneven triangle, could be recognized.

The lips were made of a steel-hard mass and were razor-sharp.

In the upper half of the round skull dominated two huge bulging eyes. They had the shape of narrow ellipses.

The rest of his head was covered with a dense series of small eye-like shapes that sparkled like polished diamonds.

The top of the skull was covered with a dense woolly fuzz of light brown color.

The whole body was covered with a leather-like skin girded at the constrictions. Just above the large ellipse eyes were two short, hornlike thickenings.

Various of different blow and stabbing weapons stuck in different width belts, which entwined its insectoid body.

Takaarrath, that's what the warrior called himself, really was not a human, but you could not call him a mutant, therefore his appearance was too exotic and whimsical.

The insectoid man, as Marvin later called him, was hunting again.

He liked to eat sand viper and almost made his passion to hunt them whenever he had time.

The desert area was

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